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On the 16th of February, 2018
Erlend Vatne & Liliane Da Silva Fernandes
Areia Preta in Natal , Brazil.


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Our First Meeting Natal, Brazil
2 April 2006

Our first meeting

That day changed everything

We met at a birthday party for one of Liliane's friends in Ponta Negra, Natal.

Main Street Salvador
27 april 2006

Our first trip

Salvador, Bahia

It did not take long for our first trip together. Salvador is the 3rd largest city in Brazil after Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. It is most know for its carnival which is the largest party on the planet.

Praia do Amor Pipa, Tibau do Sul
16 mai 2006

Pipa, Tibau do Sul

Our 2nd trip together

Pipa is located a couple hours south of Natal and is truly a hidden paradise. Now we are excited to bring our family and friends here as we continue the celebrations after the wedding!

Civil Marriage Oslo Norway
22 May 2008

Civil Marriage

Oslo, Norway

So technically we are already married. We had a ceremony at the city hall in Oslo, Norway on 22. May 2008 with just the closest family and a few friends.

Officially married, but not correctly according to Liliane. So that's why we (she) has been planning a CHURCH wedding for almost 10 years now! 🙂

Leonel Born Natal, Brazil
2 April 2013

Family Grows

Natal, Brazil

We first met April 2nd, 2006 and exactly 7 years later on April 2nd, 2013, we got a new member in the family.

Leonel was born a couple days early and judging from his superman pose, he was more than happy to finally be out and ready to go!


Chapel Sao Francisco de Assis Av Gov Silvio Pedroza, S/N - Areia Preta
Friday 18.00

Main Wedding Ceremony

To be celebrated on 16/02/2018 at 18.00

Chapel Sao Franciso de Assis, Av. Gov. Silvio Pedroza, S/N- Areia Preta

Party at Espaco Guinza Via Costeira 4, Ponta Negra
Friday 20.00

Party at Espaco Guinza

Following the ceremony the bride and groom will receive all the guest at Espaco Guinza located on Via Costeira 4, Ponta Negra, Natal - RN

Restaurante Cavalo de Fogo Av. Governador Aluizio Alves Tibau do Sul
Sunday 16.30

Wedding Dinner at Cavalo de Fogo

On Sunday the 18th of February all our international guests are invited to a celebration dinner at Restaurante Cavalo de Fogo in Tibau do Sul.

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